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Applying Sweat Bandages in Horses

When your horse suffers a sprain or traumatic injury, or is stall-bound for extended periods, its legs may swell and become warm to the touch. Because inflammation and swelling can damage tissues and cause discomfort, your veterinarian may prescribe a “sweat” bandage as an aid in reducing fluid build-up in the legs. Read More

Applying Pressure Bandages in Horses

When a horse sustains a serious leg injury, it is sometimes necessary to stabilize the limb and control bleeding and swelling until your veterinarian arrives. A pressure bandage is an effective first aid tool that can be used to accomplish this task. Read More

Applying Hock Bandages in Horses

A horse uses its hocks in nearly everything it does – from stopping and standing to walking and galloping. Constant use and a prominently exposed point makehocks vulnerable to stress, fatigue and traumatic injury. Read More

Applying A Knee Bandage to Your Horse

This article provides comprehensive guidelines for the proper application of knee bandages in horses. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the correct technique to ensure that the bandage serves its intended purpose without causing harm to the horse. The article highlights the various ways knee bandages can help, such as reducing swelling, providing support for weak joints, limiting motion in the joint, and protecting wounds or surgical sites. Read More

Applying A Hoof and Lower Leg Bandage to Your Horse

Hoof bandages may be used to: protect wounds, cracks, abscesses or surgical sites from contamination or trauma. Read More

Lameness in Horses

At Davie County Large Animal Hospital in Mocksville, NC, our focus is on providing quality horse care. We provide many services dedicated to diagnosing issues followed by in-depth treatments to Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts


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