Podiatry (Farrier)

Davie County Large Animal Hospital is able to provide specialized podiatry due to our cooperation with two skilled farriers: Rob Englemann and Jimmy Petty CF APF. Together both farriers have a combined 70+ years shoeing horses. A farrier is on site four days of the week to assist and consult with our veterinarians with all hoof related cases. Some of the common issues addressed include: 

  • Laminitis 
  • Navicular Disease 
  • White Line Disease
  • Keratomas
  • Therapeutic shoeing required for surgical procedures
  • Hoof capsule imbalances
  • And many more
  • Annual or Bi-annual podiatry radiographs to assist your farrier

The advantage to having farriers on site is that not only do our doctors have access to their knowledge and expertise, but the farriers can be assisted with radiographs throughout the shoeing process. Sedation can be also provided by the veterinarians for painful or difficult horses. Here at DCLAH the Farrier-Owner-Veterinarian team is an important part of your horse’s care. 


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