The Pre-purchase evaluation (PPE) is a valuable assessment that plays a key role in your decision to acquire a horse. The PPE should not be considered a guarantee of the horse’s future. A PPE is intended to answer two questions: Is the horse currently sound and healthy? and How well suited is for the job you (the buyer) want it to do? This IS NOT a pass or fail evaluation and the ultimate decision to buy or not to buy the horse is up to buyer.

Before the PPE is conducted, we must have an in-depth discussion with you about the medical and performance history and your expectations for your new horse. With this knowledge, we can formulate a customized PPE so we can provide you with as much pertinent information as possible so that you can make your final decision about purchasing this animal.

Experienced DCLAH veterinarians perform an in-depth, full physical examination in addition to a non-invasive soundness evaluation. The static exam combines astute observation, focal palpation, and further inquiry into the patient’s history. Dynamic evaluation involves in-hand jogging and flexion tests, as well as movement in a circle on the lunge line.

Additional diagnostic procedures such as radiographs, ultrasound, blood work etc., may be needed upon the buyer’s agreement. Keep in mind that radiographic or ultrasonographic quantity and areas of interest range widely depending on the client and the prospect. Imaging expense combined with your veterinarian’s examination findings hold immense value, and we take pride in interpreting findings to the best of our abilities.

A thorough, actionable pre-purchase evaluation requires time and patience. An entire pre-purchase examination generally takes a minimum of two hours to complete. We encourage you to schedule your pre-purchase evaluation at a time that you are available to be present such that you may observe the process and discuss expectations, questions, or complications with your veterinarian. A standard form is utilized for documentation of findings and to maintain consistency of the evaluation. Come to your appointment knowing your needs, comfort level, and budget.

Prepare to build a relationship with a professional, honest, and communicative veterinarian at Davie County Large Animal Hospital.